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Breeder   Belgianhorses.be
Country   Belgium
Specialising In   All Rounder
Hunter, Point to Pointer
Breeds   Anglo European Studbook
Belgian Warmblood (BWP)
KWPN (Dutch)
Oldenburg International
Belgium Sport Horse (sBs)

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At the World Equestrian Games of 2010 in Lexington, the Belgian equestrian sport became world news. In addition to the exceptional performance, the quality of the Belgian horses rightly deserved all the attention. Belgium is indeed considered the undisputed number one by many horse breeders, riders and traders when it comes to breeding and training of horses.

Everyone is convinced of the quality, but many foreign interested do not know how to come into contact with the owners and/or breeders of these toppers.

In the search for a way to break this deadlock and to find new markets, the idea of the website Belgianhorses.be was born. This website has the task to become an international online platform where both private and professional buyers and sellers can find each other directly and trade horses in confidence. Internet is the perfect medium to offer al product globally. We want to launch this website, available in three languages, internationally in order to reach the widest possible audience. The site is very user-friendly and you can find all information on ancestry and additional information as well as photos and videos.

Our intention is to convince many important players in Belgium and abroad that Belgianhorses.be has an important role to play.

Please have a look at www.belgianhorses.be

As always willing to futher information.

Yours sincerely,