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Al Hfifa Arabians

Breeder   Lydie Lemmens
Country   France
Email   lydielemmens@free.fr
Specialising In   Endurance
Breeds   Arabian

About the FarmStallionsBroodmaresBreeding Successes

the best of the French Génétic In the heart of Europe

our stallions : ofir al hfifa (2002) by Aziz el Maklouf *** and Marouska *** by Arzew ****

our mares :
Marouska ire *** dre ** by Arzew**** and Soraya de la lande *** by Zulus****
Capella ibn Faalire *** by Marzouck **** and Faal**** by Nadji **
Oka el Dahman by Dahman el arami *** and Movoska *** by Persik ****
Phany by Sirocco Sky **** and Kabria*** by Persik

and our products by
Tauqui el Masan****
Oumzil Tobiha****
Azziz de Gargassan****

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