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Al Salhia Stud

Breeder   Mr.Mohammed Saleh Binladen
City   North Abhur
Country   Saudi Arabia
Email   info@alsalhiastud.com
Phone   www.alsalhiastud.com
Specialising In   Showing
Breeds   Arabian (Pure Bred)

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Al Salhia Stud

Al Salhia is located in North Abhur outside of city of Jeddah near the picturesque shoreline of the Red Sea in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For centuries the Red Sea has been home to some of the choicest discoveries of pearls and today a new "pearl" shines nearby in the form of Al Salhia.
Honoring the traditions of passion for the Arabian horse in its homeland, the stud of Al Salhia is named in honor of the father of Mr. Mohammed Saleh Binladen and it proudly carries tradition forward today. Mr. Mohammed Saleh Binladen has a strong professional history in the business of horses. Since childhood, his passion for the horse was instilled by the gift of a horse from his uncle Sheikh Bakr Binladen. Since that time it became the desire of Mr. Mohammed Saleh Binladen to collect choice examples of the Arabian horse from various parts of the world.
The purebred horses at Al Salhia represent the vision of Mr. Mohammed Saleh Binladen for beauty and superior pedigree from famous ancestors recognized around the world. The horses of Al Salhia are mainly for show purposes and are well known for their beauty. The superior stallion Bahr Al Rayyan (Ashhal Al Rayyan x Dana Al Rayyan) stands as a symbol representing the finest ancestors and strains that are the basis of the breeding at Al Salhia.
The stud of Al Salhia is sizeable, being 11,000 square meters, with facilities comfortably accommodating up to 30 horses reflecting the precise and careful selection for maintaining only the finest breeding stock.
History is greatly respected at Al Salhia as reflected in the finest straight Egyptian Arabians in the world, chosen with respect to the history and purity of their ancestors and with the plan of preserving and enhancing these lines for future generations. The goal of Al Salhia is to breed two to three supreme quality, genetically superior horses each year and showcase the results at national and international level horse shows.
Today Mr. Mohammed Saleh Binladen and the horses of Al Salhia are already well known on the Saudi Arabian show circuits. We welcome you to spend time browsing our website and discover the "pearls" of supreme beauty at Al Salhia Stud.