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Ajmal Arabian Stud

Breeder   Mohammed J. Al Marzouk
Street   www.ajmalarabianstud.com
City   Safat
Country   Kuwait
Email   ajmalarabianstud@hotmail.com
Specialising In   Showing
Breeds   Arabian

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“For as long as I can remember it has been my ambition not only to be a proud owner of Arabian horses and to participate in the development and perfection of it’s breeding, but also to make a contribution to the re-establishment of the bloodline in the land of it’s forefathers. My purpose is to make Ajmal Arabian Stud a sanctuary, a place of serenity dedicated to the perpetuation of beauty and excellence. An environment where the natural splendor of the Arabian horse can thrive in peace and pass on it’s inherent flawlessness to it’s descendents.” This is how Mohammed J. Al Marzouq describes his ambition and goals. Ajmal Arabian Stud has over the past years evolved from a vision to a very present reality, meticulously and tastefully engineered, constructed and landscaped and the farm, his wonderful art collection and the horses themselves all reflect Mohammed J. Al Marzouq’s discerning eye for quality and perfection. He purchased his first Arabian horse in 1989 and founded his breeding program in the mid of the 1990ies. Today he truly has one of the most impressive groups of straight Egyptian horses in the world. The head sire at Ajmal is Ansata Hejazi (born 1992) who still reigns as the “King of Kuwait” when it comes to stallions. Ansata Hejazi represents one of the best family lines in Egyptian Arabian horse breeding. Both parents belong to the famous Bukra family. He is not only a stunning individual, but a sire of consistent quality. He is one of the rare stallions who is a superior representative of his breed. He had proven that he produces colts as well as fillies of outstanding quality. His sons and daughters are making their mark around the globe, thus assuring his legacy. He certainly leaves his mark on the breed. Still young, but an upcoming star is Ajmal Al Kout (Ansata Hejazi x Ansata Malaka by Ansata Halim Shah), a full brother to the wellknown Ansata Malik Shah. He is very much look a like his grandsire Ansata Halim Shah, noble elegant and beautiful. His first foals are matching the expectations of the breeders who used him in full. The second very promising young stallion at Ajmal Arabian Stud is Ajmal Talal (Sinan Al Rayyan x Ansata Samari by Ansata Hejazi). Cute ears, expressive eyes, a very well arched neck and flying movement are his trademarks. He seems to pass on his trademarks to the next generation and will make his contribution to Kuwait Arabian horse breeding. The mares of Ajmal Arabian Stud primarily reflect the breeding program of Ansata Arabian Stud, with daughters of Ansata Halim Shah, Ansata Iemhotep and Ansata Hejazi. Three landmark German programs also have an influence at Ajmal Arabian Stud. These three mares are: The lovely Tabanya (Hamasa Nabih x Tamria II by Ansata Halim Shah) from the famous Tamria family of the Hungarian State Stud Babolna is from the Dahmeh Shahwanieh strain, the Sabah/Layla family. Her elegant and charismatic son Ajmal Tameen (by Ansata Hejazi) is currently leased to El Thayeba Arabians, Germany for two breeding seasons. She also produced two daughters by Ansata Hejazi and one by Ajmal Talal. NK Aischa (Salaa El Dine x Amarilla by Jamil), an Abeyyah Om Jurays from the Mona (Inshass) family via the legendary Hanan, representing Katharinenhof Stud. Her exotic and stunning daughter Ajmal Obeyya (by Ansata Hejazi) is the star at Ajmal Arabian Stud. Hamasa Masouda (Maysoun x Nafteta by Kaisoon), a Saglawieh Jedranieh Ibn Sudan (Om Dalal) of Moniet El Nefous family, joined the exquisite group of mares, coming from Dr. Olms Hamasa Arabian Stud. She matches very well with Ansata Hejazi and delivered already 2 fillies by him, the exquisite Ajmal Moneera and Ajmal Manar which is of the same quality. An additional influence comes from the renowned Al Rayyan Farm program and Ajmal Arabian Stud has beautiful representatives of the stallions Alidaar with Jazi Al Rayyan out of Ansata Sharifa – Ansata Samantha from the Dahmeh Shahwanieh strain, Sabah / Bukra family, and of Ashhal Al Rayyan, who produced the exotic Ajmal Farasha, out of Classic Farida (by Alidaar), a Hadbah Enzahieh, now at Al Waab Stud, Qatar. Classic Farida left behind her daughter Ajmal Fhedaa by Ansata Hejazi. The main influence in the breeding program of Ajmal Arabian Stud is via the chief sire Ansata Hejazi and a group of outstanding Ansata mares, like Ansata Serqit (Ansata Imhotep x Ansata Selket) and her full sister Najma Al Rayyan, Ansata Samari (Ansata Hejazi x Ansata Samarra) from the Bukra family and Ansata Malaka (Ansata Halim Shah x Ansata Malika) from the Farida / Halima family. Another corner stone for Ajmal Arabian Stud’s breeding program is the collection of mares from the Saglawy Jedran strain, the Moniet El Nefous family. Taraf Al Naif (Safir x Bint Bint Ibtisam) and her charming daughter Ajmal Ibtisam (by Ansata Hejazi), Rahash Al Arab (Ansata Osiron x Bashashah by Rashdan and Tee) as well as the already mentioned Hamasa Masouda are matching very well with the Dahman Shahwan stallions of Ajmal Arabian Stud. There is no doubt that the daughters of Ansata Hejazi out of the foundation mares from the Dahman Shahwan, the Saglawy Jedran, the Obeyyan Om Jrees and the Hadban Enzahi Strains have a great influence in the future breeding program of Ajmal Arabian Stud.