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A White Queen Stud

Breeder   White Queen Stud and Equestrian Services
Street   Langgewacht Farm, Paarl
Zip   7646
City   Paarl, Western Cape
Country   South Africa
Email   anuchka@me.com
Phone   0786739864
Specialising In   All Rounder
Leisure & Pleasure
Breeds   Warmblood

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White Queen stud is the passion and dream of a young woman, a young woman who rises to the demands of her position and fights tenaciously for the survival of her dream amid the wars of everyday life.
It was then only fitting to choose a name for this stud in History as far back as these horses pedigree with blue blood rushing through their veins. The White Queen in the War of the Roses in history is the story of a young passionate woman who rose to the crown to later become the largest empire on earth.

War, is set amid the tumult and intrigue of the Wars of the Roses ľ beginning with Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen. Elizabeth Woodville, of the House of Lancaster, added and abetted by the raw ambition and skills of her mother Jacquetta, Elizabeth marries the reigning king Edward IV, of the family of the white rose, the House of York.

As Queen of England, passionate wife of Edward and devoted mother of their children she places the crown firmly on her descendants. She protects and skillfully manages to keep her family reigning victoriously during and after the War.

The life of a common woman who ascends to royalty by virtue of her beauty and skill, a woman who rises to the demands of her position and fights tenaciously for the survival of her family and her dream. The story of a young woman behind the English throne transcends to become the story of the stud owner Anuchka and her dream to produce horses who can go to war in any arena in the world and compete with the best and come out victoriously!