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Achalteke Tukleky

Breeder   Petra Maresova
Street   Tukleky 3
Zip   39601
City   Humpolec
Country   Czech Republic
Email   farmatukleky@volny.cz
Phone   723301971
Phone 2   723301971
Specialising In   Dressage
Racing Flat
Racing Jumps
Breeds   Akhal-Teke

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Farm Achalteke Tukleky is located in the heart of Czech Republic, 15 km from town Humpolec and cca 100 km eastern from Prague.

We specialize in breeding Akhal Teke horses since 2002. The cornerstones of our breeding stock are horses imported from Russia, from studfarms Stavropol, Chagorta, Dagestanskii and Akhalt-Service.

Among ourbred horses you can find several breed champions, including Jana-Jan (Mingam-2698 Davenda), European Junior champion among fillies (Gut Ising 2008), Jangi (Samurai - Jana-Jan), European Junior champion among fillies (EU Distant Championship 2012), European champion Ghadir (Gumon-Grust) or Galadaw (double champion of El Prado exhibition in Uruguay), etc.

Our catchphrase is “Type, Performance and Art” – i.e. breeding horses matching the breed standard as much as possible, well-performing and not just faithful partners, but works of art. We view horse breeding as an art of sorts; every work of art must be created and maintained with love if it is to bring joy and inspiration.

Petra Maresova, Breeding Manager, works regulary as a judge at different Akhal-Teke championships and she is also President of Czech Akhal Teke Association since its founding in 2003.

More information about us and our farm and horses you can find on www.akhal.cz

Visitors are cordially invited.