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Al Khaled Farm

Breeder   Sheikh Khaled Ahmed Bagedo
Street   www.alkhaledfarm.com
Country   Saudi Arabia
Specialising In   Showing
Breeds   Arabian

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Al Khaled Farm

After a lifetime with horses, including tremendous success as an owner and breeder of winning Arabian racehorses, Sheikh Khaled turned his attention to perhaps the most challenging of all equine pursuits – developing a serious breeding program. Today, a visit to Al Khaled confirms his dedication to this goal: the paddocks and stables are filled with beautiful horses, and, more importantly, a group of exquisite foals which herald the promise of a bright future.

As a renaissance of interest in Arabian horse breeding sweeps across the ancestral homelands of the breed, many in the region have looked to the straight Egyptian to foster their cultural heritage. The breeding program of Al Khaled Farm is an excellent example, as Sheikh Khaled has selected horses from some of the finest Egyptian breeding programs in the world to shape his own program. Before choosing his bloodstock, Sheikh Khaled often visited the breeding farms he admired, carefully observing what families and crosses were successful. “My own philosophy in acquiring horses was not to duplicate exactly what others were doing,” he explains. “I did not want to limit my options by beginning inside a ‘box.’ Instead, I gathered a variety of bloodlines and families so that I might begin to shape my own program and determine over time what is working well and what is not.”