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Al Mohamadia Stud

Breeder   HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Fahd Al Saud
Street   www.almohamadiastud.com
City   Riyadh
Country   Saudi Arabia
Email   b_kmccrea@yahoo.com
Specialising In   Showing
Breeds   Arabian

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Al Mohamadia Stud

Al Mohamadia stud began as the vision of HRH Prince Abdullah bin Fahd Al Saud to own and breed high quality, competitive Arabian horses. As part of his royal heritage, Prince Abdulah began to study the origins and significance of the Arabian horse in its homeland. This interest led to the acquisition of a few purebred Arabian mares and eventually the famous straight Egyptian stallion, Farres.

Al Mohamadia stud farm is located in the center of one of the largest commercial date tree operations in Saudi Arabia, 70 kilometers south of Riyadh. A state of the art facility has been built, with 80 stalls, several walkers, equine swimming pool, grass paddocks, lunge arenas, viewing tents, offices and hospital/breeding facilities.

HRH Prince Abdullah’s father, HRH Prince Fahd bin Abdullah Al Saud, shares this passion for the Arabian horse and is involved in all decisions and planning. Both enjoy visits to the stables as often as possible to monitor the progress of the horses and breeding decisions.

Along with the purebred Arabian show/breeding division, an endurance division is maintained. HRH Prince Abdullah has been actively participating and promoting endurance racing for many years. He has been successful in many competitions and a wonderful result in the world equestrian games in Aachen 2006, with an 18th overall finish in the open individual endurance race. The “Al Mohamadia stables team”, is competing successfully throughout the Middle East. He has recently been appointed the vice president of the Saudi Arabian equestrian federation, which oversees all the endurance racing and show jumping competitions held in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through initial consultation with Dr. Bruce McCrea, additional show and breeding stock has been added. Eventually, a show string was formed and al Mohamadia began to excel in Arabian horse competitions. Some horses were selected to show in Europe, and some shown locally. Finally, Dr. McCrea came to manage Al Mohamadia full time and an internationally acclaimed show string has successfully been formed.