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Al Baydaa Stud Farm

Breeder   Ahmed el Talawy
Street   www.albaydaafarm.com
City   Haram - Gizah
Country   Egypt
Email   info@albaydaafarm.com
Specialising In   Showing
Breeds   Arabian

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Al Baydaa Stud Farm

Al Baydaa Stud for Straight Egyptian and Purebred Arabians is located between the arms of the Great Pyramids and the Pharaonic civilization.

That civilization, which has baffled the world over the centuries by the beauty and ambiguity that has many puzzles that could not be resolved so far, and in this great civilization have raised the horses of Al Baydaa Stud and this provided those horses with beauty and noble descency.

Those horses have become a reflection of this ancient civilization.