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Al Rashediah Stud

Breeder   Rashid A. Rahman Al Jasmi
Street   www.alrashediahstud.com
City   Bahrain
Country   United Arab Emirates
Email   hilke@alrashediahstud.com
Specialising In   Showing
Breeds   Arabian

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Al Rashediah Stud - Bahrain

With great vision and foresight, Mr. Rashid A. Rahman Al Jasmi has chosen to breed straight Egyptian Arabian horses of the highest possible quality. His experience has cultivated an ability to make judicious decisions combined with the steadfast commitment required to develop a serious breeding program. The result is a collection of horses of astonishing quality and a breeding program filled with exciting possibilities. Just one example is the addition of the influential sire line of Anaza El Farid through his extraordinary son, ZT Faa’iq. Already a stallion of profound influence, ZT Faa’iq was particularly chosen for the farm’s superb group of NK mares, as well as their precious Ansata Sinan and Imperial Madheen daughters. The legacy of ZT Faa’iq is poised to become even greater as a sire to this marvelous group of Al Rashediah mares.

At Al Rashediah, every thought has been given to the care, breeding, and proper management of the farm’s prized horses – from the design of the magnificent stables and paddocks, the care and comfort of its equine residents, to the expertise of a highly dedicated professional staff. As an admirer and collector of art with a special sensitivity to the dignity of the Arabian breed, Mr. Al Jasmi has carefully chosen his premier breeding stock, He has nurtured his own unique style in breeding and training these splendid steeds, attracting the attention of many fellow Arabian horse enthusiasts. He has created one of the most impressive studs in a region known around the globe for its world-class horses.

The Arabian horses of Al Rashediah represent the heritage of a glorious past. Yet dancing on air, with heads held high to drink the desert wind, they also symbolize hope for the brightest of futures.