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*Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud

Breeder   Shell Williams - Reigate Stud
Street   PO Box 62
Zip   3304
City   Dartmoor
Country   Australia
Email   reigatestud@gmail.com
Phone   0412 385 274
Specialising In   All Rounder
Hunter, Point to Pointer
Leisure & Pleasure
Breeds   Australian Performance Horse
Australian Sport Horse
Australian Warmblood
Cleveland Bay
Yorkshire Coach Horse

About the FarmStallionsBroodmaresBreeding Successes

At Reigate Cleveland Bay & Sporthorse Stud our aim is to produce horses of Quality and Class for all Olympic Disciplines.

We aim to supply riders horses with great bloodlines, yet take into account that not everyone has a bottomless wallet! Our horses are sensibly priced to suit all budgets.

Our Cleveland Bay Sporthorse Stallions are sires of extremely well performed offspring Australia wide, and our CBSH mares are the dams of some exceptional horses.

The mares in our breeding program are chosen for their Breeding, Temperament and Conformation, taking each into account and not settling for the 'two out of three aint bad' line of thinking.

We believe that our current breeding stock are blessed with lines that will produce wonderful Sporthorses for us to provide to riders wishing to succeed in the future.

The long term plan is to add more CB blood to the broodmare herd, and when we can locate a purebred CB stallion and purebred CB mares that we would like to purchase - to add purebreds to the herd!

Please feel free to contact us about any horses we have for sale, or youngsters you may see out and about either via Mail, Email, or Telephone.

Our website is www.reigatestud.com