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AG Arabianhorse

Breeder   Mohamid el Zoubie
Street   3019 / 16
Zip   16000
City   Nazareth
Country   Israel
Email   agarabbianhorse@hotmail.com
Phone   +972(54)4617290
Phone 2   http://agarabianhorse.com
Breeds   Arabian (Pure Bred)

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AG Arabian horse is owned by El Zoubie family and a continuation of the fourth generation by breeding the finest, feature the treasured bloodlines of the Arabian horse. The Knowledge, the Passion and the dedication of Mohamid El Zoubie brought the farm to a very high level in only three year .Specialize in breeding, training and showing world - class, encompass a variety of different bloodlines, crosses from straight Egyptian and pure Polish to Russian & Spanish bloodlines.
AG Arabian horse is dedicated to preserving the prestigious Arabian horse and the ultimate goal is to produce the quality of horses capable of competing worldwide.
The AG Arabian horse management looking for the type and beauty that characterizes the Arabian breed through a constructed breeding program around its mares to succeed by preserving the purity of the breed and enhancing it for future generations at once.
AG Arabian horses that exemplify classic type and beauty by combining the bloodlines of the legends Padron through the Egyptian Imperial Imdal, Ruminaja Ali & Ansata Ibn Sudan and with the bloodline of Magnum Psyche.
We are a small breeding facility dedicated to producing the finest Purebreds possible. We offer an exceptional collection of National quality horses for sale. We welcome your visit at anytime.
AG Arabian horse is now located in a beautiful Scottsdale, Nazareth. We welcome your visit at anytime. Thank you for visiting our site and become involved in the Arabian Horse passion.