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Akwaba Farm

Breeder   Serge Fiankan
Street   4101 Dublin Blvd. Suite F 538
Zip   94568
City   Dublin
Country   USA
Email   sergefiankan@akwabafarm.com
Phone   +1-805-208-4806
Phone 2   +491724010260
Specialising In   Showjumping
Breeds   American Sport Horse
Belgian Warmblood (BWP)
KWPN (Dutch)
Selle Francais

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Haras Akwaba, Stall Akwaba or Akwaba Farm is a breeder and sport horse development company.
Our breeding goal is to produce a performance horse that:
1. can perform at Grand Prix level
2. has a constitution that enables long usefulness;
3. has a character that supports the will to perform as well as being agreeable and good nature towards people
4. has functional conformation and a correct movement mechanism that will enable good performance
5. has an attractive exterior that is related to refinement, nobility and quality.

We combine the outstanding pedigree and quality of our mares with the best stallions in the world to produce the next generation top athletes.