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(Ehrensold [WEST]  x  Rheinfee [RH] )
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Breed   Rheinland
Colour   Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   1984
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   171 cm ~ 16.3.½ hands
Breeder   J. Lenzen, Heinsberg-Eschweile
Competition Level   Dressage Grand Prix/Open/Advanced
Life Number   434451584
Level of progeny   Dressage: 18-Dr1
Eventers: 1-Ev5
Showjumpers: 5-Sj4

Stud Fee: £ 1375.00

ABOUT Ehrentusch

Licensed: Westphalian, Rheinland, PEDIGREE: His sire state stallion Ehrensold was mainly utilised as a stallion in the Rhineland and developed to become a top sire of sporting horses. According to the breeding value rating, he is one of the leading sires of dressage horses in Germany. His most prominent and successful son is undoubtedly the former PSI top lot Entertainer (Dr. R.Klimke and M. Klimke). He however also left numerous intermediate and advanced showjumpers of whom Elastique (W. Mellinger/ Switzerland) was one of his show pieces. The dam, state premium mare Rheinfee is a noble chestnut mare endowed with outstanding gaits. She was champion mare of her generation in the Rhineland in 1983 and vice-champion DLG mare in 1989. She achieved notable successes in competitions, ridden by her breeder's son. After Ehrentusch, she produced Ehrengold (likewise sired by Ehrensold, ), who has been promoted and ridden by K. Balkenhol in dressage competitions. Her sire Rheingold was champion stallion of the Rhineland in 1977 and enjoys a very good reputation as a sire of progeny of excellent type and quality. The maternal bloodline leads back into the Artland mare dynasty of Amaltrud (by Almarich-Schwarzenberg) which produced i.a. the sires Cymbal (Osnabruck state stallion), the approvals winner Richthofen, a full-brother of Ehrentursch's dam Rheinfee, as well as Ustinex (private stallion Westphalia) and Williams (Warendorf state stallion). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERFORMANCE: Ehrentusch, the convincing winner of the 1987 stallion performance test at the Warendorf state stud is endowed with outstanding gaits and first-class jumping ability. Even though he was just narrowly beaten at the 1989 DLGshow in Frankfurt by Hanover's Weltmeyer and only became vice-champion of his class, he was the darling of the audience. Ehrentusch has been trained up to advanced level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGENY: The federal championships have frequently been a reflection of Ehrentusch' s heredity. Many of his progeny have pressed forward into the finals of the different horse riding events, including i.a. Ecciavelle, Euro Design, I Cestelli and Espana, Ecciavelle changed owners for the sum of DM 200.000 at the 1994 NRW autumn auction in Munster-Handorf. Ehrentusch is meanwhile a permanent presenter of good horses at the elite auctions. He has thus far presented nine approved sons including ECU, Ehrentanz I and II, Ehrenwert, Ehrenwort, Externstein, Edinburgh and Ehrenmarsch, all of whom are active stud horses. According to the FN-breeding value rating, he has become one of the most versatile new generation sires of Germany. His progeny range among the top in all of the different riding disciplines. The most prominent offspring are named Euphorie / Antonie de Ridder, Etienne / Ralf Kosernetzky, Escada / Horst-Klaus Heleine, Eliah / Sandra Walther, Estragon / Henry Kautz and Enterprice / Juliane Erben. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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