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(Le Tot de Semilly [SF]  x  Perpetua du Crocq [AA] )
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Also known as   Isard du Rietz
Sport Prefix   Eurocommerce
Breed   Selle Francais
Colour   Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   21 MAY 1996
Land of Birth   France
Standing Land   Netherlands
Height   168 cm ~ 16.2 hands
Breeder   GENEAU Serge
Competition Level   Showjumping Nations Cup
Life Number   96088397
Level of progeny   Eventers: 1-Ev1
Showjumpers: 8-Sj3
Studbooks Licensed with   Selle Français, KWPN,
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 1150.00

ABOUT Vancouver

With Eurocommerce Vancouver the breeders can slake their thirst at the source where everything called a sports horse originally came from. In the 17th and 18th century the English landed gentry had noble horses smuggled over from the desert (there was an export ban) from the realm of Turkey to ennoble their British ponies. Two centuries of selection produced the establishment of a racing horse type that, since the beginning of the 19th century, has been called English Thoroughbred. In France, they weren’t quite satisfied and cross bred again with desert horses who had meanwhile been finally baptised with a proper name: Arab Thoroughbred. This highly noble mix of both breeds, the French call “Anglo Arab” or “AA” for short. Eurocommerce Vancouver’s dam may adorn herself with such a title because she was a pure AA. With, as according to the regulations, the percentage of her Arab blood accurate to two decimal points behind her name. Perpétua du Crocq 45.21 % is from Fangio AA who again was a son of the legendary Arlequin AA and also sire to the Oldenburg show jumper progenitor Zeus. Perpétua’s dam, Vertu AA, produced with Rif du Crocq AA and Véloce de Favi AA two licensed sons as well as the international show jumpers Hélios AA of Patrick Caron and Nabab de Mouliot AA of Olivier Desutter. The breeding family is extraordinarily fertile; Perpetua du Crocq AA (1981) produced ten offspring and her grandam Vertu AA (1965) produced as many as 16 foals.

Vancouver’s sire is not an AA; he is a member of that other famous French sports breed, the Selle Français, that have the mass import of English crossbreeds in the 19th century to thank for their fore limb technique, just as do the Holsteins. He is called Le Tot de Semilly and has become a whole concept. He produced celebrities such as Ashley of Michael Whitaker and Diamant de Semilly of Eric Levallois and has, in L’Éperon’s list (the French trade journal) of each of the four criteria “blood”, “manner of jumping”, “power” and “pedigree”, the highest accolade of five stars; only for “model” did he receive a four. “His progeny could be a little more elegant” as it was put. His son Eurocommerce Vancouver is not bothered by that – his dam is, after all, a thoroughbred. This explains the official KWPN comment about his progeny: “Above all, Vancouver can hand down balance and suppleness in the canter.”

Terms and Conditions

The Stud Fee excludes delivery. For Frozen, Fresh/Chilled semen we will send semen throughout the current breeding season until a pregnancy is achieved. A veterinary declaration of a mare not being in foal after the inseminations must be delivered to Eurocommerce Stables before 1 October 2007, in which case the service fee minus 350 euro will be refunded.

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