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    Furioso II

(Furioso [TB]  x  Dame de Ranville [FDS] )
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Also known as   Vertuoso
Breed   Selle Francais
Colour   Chestnut
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   29 MAY 1965
Land of Birth   France
Standing Land   Germany
Height   167 cm ~ 16.1.½ hands
Breeder   Lemoine,H./Alfons Lefevre
Breed Awards   St.Pr.H.
Life Number   DE 333330433665
Level of progeny   Dressage: 6-Dr4
Eventers: 1-Ev6
Showjumpers: 27-Sj1
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 3300.00

ABOUT Furioso II

Covering history: Cappeln from 1968-1985, 1986 Zangersheide / Belgium, died in August 1986 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Such a stallion is born only once every hundred years! exclaimed the man who discovered Furioso II, Georg Vorwerk, when he first saw the dark chestnut on a tour to France. This was the advent of Anglo-Normans in German breeding regions but primarily in Oldenburg. The strongly frequented chestnut stallion became a great hereditary transmitter and producer of performance horses who made their sire into a member of the progeny winnings millionaire’s club from early on. Especially in his younger years, Furioso II was a sensational sight to behold who could not conceal his French origins. Even at an advanced age, Furioso II was still a bundle of energy. When he left the Vorwerk Hof in 1986 on loan to the Belgian stud of Zangersheide, he did not return. In August of the same year he died of a serious colic. He had already left a great number of approved sons in Germany, but his last year brought two additional sons Faust Z and Freedom Z. Progeny important for the continuation of the male line in Germany are above all the Hanoverian For Pleasure, who under Lars Nieburg began a fantastic sports career, and the Oldenburg stallion Freiherr, who himself has esteemed offspring via Feiner Stern and his son Feinbrand. In Holland, the Hanoverian Voltaire and the Oldenburg horse Purioso established excellent careers and even today are highly esteemd. Other stallion sons worth mentioning include the liver chestnut Friedricus Rex, the monumental Feingau as well as First Gotthard who is now stationed in the USA. Furiosos Sohn became one of the most significant sires in Hessia per se. Two further Furioso xx sons are performing covering duty in German breeds, namely Urioso (Holstein) and Futuro (Oldenburg). Ultraschall, who like Furioso II was stationed in Cappeln shared the damline with Furioso II. The most significant Furioso II daughters include Fumira, Andacht, Fichu, Ausnahme, Kalla and Asiatin, each of whom respectively were winners of the Oldenburg elite shows. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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