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    Alligator Fontaine

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(Noren [SF]  x  Nighty Fontaine [SF] )
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Breed   Selle Francais
Colour   Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   23 APR 1988
Land of Birth   France
Standing Land   France
Height   176 cm ~ 17.1.½ hands
Breeder   Pelissier,M.
Competition Level   Showjumping International
Life Number   
Level of progeny   Showjumpers: 13-Sj1

Stud Fee: £ 1650.00

ABOUT Alligator Fontaine

Origins His father NOREN, grandson of the thoroughbred MOURNE (like our top thoroughbred LAUDANUM) was a top international champion in the USA , " Horse of the Year 1982 ", winner of 10 international Grand Prix in 3 seasons, 9th in the World Cup 1983 etc…NOREN who only produced a dozen foals a year, besides ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is also the father of, CRAKERJACK ex Béguin du Pas good winner in CSI in USA, and in France the excellent winners BARON DU PERCHER (ISO149), EDEN DU THAL (ISO 150), FILLE DE NOREN (ISO 153), Arene de Garmeaux (ISO 133, CSI), Best Bride (ISO 136, CSI), Chabgar Mail (ISO 134, CSI), Chernoren de la Ji (6yr old Finalist, ISO 131), Dabgar Mail (ISO 132), Djamel (ISO 136), Fleuron du Plessis (6yr old Finalist, ISO 138), etc . NOREN who produced only a dozen foals per year during only 6years of breeding (1987-1992), has an excellent rate of success with 49 products indexed in compétitions out of 70 births (70%) including 13 with a ISO higher than 130 (26,5%). His Dam NIGHTY FONTAINE, 7/8th thoroughbred is the daughter of DARK TIGER, thoroughbred and father of international winners in CSI & CCI. She is non other than the sister,by the same mother, of the famous top stallion I LOVE YOU; She has also bred two other international winners, the young Frisco Mail (Hand In Glove xx) and FRASCATOR MAIL (Jalisco B), vice champion 7year old Stallions in 2000, winner in Grand Prix CSI at 8 yrs old. His Grand Dam ELYRIA is also the mother of I LOVE YOU (Almé) champion of the World Cup 1983, " Horse of the Year " in USA the sams year, vice champion of the World Cup 1984, father of international winners ; JOLLY GOOD (Almé) winner in CSIO in USA, World record for Puissance indoor. ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is the only stallion where the father was Horse of the Year &where the mother is sister of a stallion Horse of the Year . Performances ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is one of the top performing stallions. Judged the best stallion of his age group at 8 & 9 years old by ISO, ridden by Michel Robert, winning in CSI and CSIO at Blaye (1st Grand Prix), Dublin, Dinard, Deauville, Hickstead (1st Speed Derby), Gijon, Jardy, Jerez, Paris-Champ de Mars, La Baule. At 10 & 11 years old with Eric Navet, he won at Aachen (3 times 2nd), Cannes, Deauville (2 victories), Caen (1st Master des Etalons), Paris-Bercy, Modena, Genèce, Jardy (1st Grand Prix), Bordeaux (2 victories, 2nd Sires of the World, best French Stallion), La Baule (2nd Derby 99 & 2000), Vichy (1st Derby, 2nd Grand Prix). FRENCH CHAMPION 1999 at Fontainebleau, Voted " Performing stallion of the year 1999 " and obtained the highest ever ISO by a Stallion to this day ISO : 190 ; Best French Stallion. At 12yrs old Eric and Alligator won 16 international victories in 13 shows CSI/CSIO in 2000 … another record ! In 2001, 8 international victories and 2nd at the Dinard Derby. ALLIGATOR FONTAINE has accumulated more than 1,5 millions francs in winnings, around 230,000 euros. In 2002, ALLIGATOR started an early and well deserved half retirement, staying at the stud to breed between February and August, to go back to the shows with Eric later on in the year. After 11 months away from the international rings, Alligator made his comeback at the CSI at St Lo in September 2002. He won his first event and came in 2nd the next day ! Production Started breeding in 1994, ALLIGATOR FONTAINE had 5,4yr olds products qualified for the final 2000, which places him amongst the stallion revelations of his generation. He is classed 3rd Young Stallion father of 4yr olds (breedindg between 1994&1995) in 2000. In 2001 ALLIGATOR had 6 products qualified for the young horse finals and in 2002, again 6 products amongst whom KIGALI DES VIOLETTES was classed ELITE in the 4 yr old Championship. His best products are : Iguane de Chamblanc ISO 120,Imperial Fontenelle ISO 112, Igator de L'Abbaye ISO 112, Icône du Banney ISO 113, Idalgo Gesmeray ISO 121, Indien d'Orgeres ISO 129, Izoard ISO 125, Icare de Boisy ISO 130, Jalligator des Bois ISO 130, all Finalists at 4 yrs olds at Fontainebleau. There are also foals of ALLIGATOR born in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Cztech Republic, USA … ALLIGATOR FONTAINE is classed amongst the 200 best stallions in the world (Breeding News). Breeding Tips "ALLIGATOR FONTAINE corresponds particularly well to sporty mares of an average size, type SF, AA, or KWPN requiring a stallion with lots of " RAYON ". Some of his larger foals, like him, can be late developers and deserve that you take your time. Dont forget that ALLIGATOR and his younger brother FRASCATOR were late bloomers but have both gone on to become International Champions. The pedigree of ALLIGATOR FONTAINE goes off the well trodden path, allowing a new and richer genetic choice for producing sporthorses, as he is completely free of the blood of ALME, Uriel or Grand Veneur and brings the precious bloodlines of Mourne and Nasrullah."

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