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    Florestan I

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(Fidelio [HAN]  x  Raute [RH] )
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Also known as   Florestan
Breed   Rheinland
Colour   Dark Brown
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   1986
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   170 cm ~ 16.3 hands
Breeder   Schulte-Böcker,Eberhard
Life Number   DE343435126286
Family Number 2194303
Level of progeny   Dressage: 99-Dr1
Eventers: 2-Ev3
Showjumpers: 2-Sj5
Studbooks Licensed with   Rhein West,
Suitable for Breeding   Dressage, Showjumpers, Eventers,

Stud Fee: £ 1650.00

ABOUT Florestan I

His sire Fidelio is one of the most popular sires in the Rhineland, where he sired many excellent breeding horses. Fidelio was for many years a popular sire in the Rhineland, where he spread the rich genetic heritage of his Selle Français sire, Furioso II. His breathtakingly beautiful daughter Fichte was reserve champion at the DLG show in Hanover. His progeny are successfully competing to conformation show classes. Florestan I's dam, the state premium mare Raute is a proven show mare in the Rhineland. At the age of 3 she was champion mare of her age-group. In 1983 she won her class at the German Mare Show in Verden, whilst in 1986 she was champion mare of the younger mares at the Federal Show in Aix-la-chapelle. Her sire is the proven quality stallion Rheingold, who apart from Raute also sired the DLG reserve-champion mare Rheinfee (dam of the stallion performance test winner and DLG stallion Ehrentusch, and Richthofen, the champion stallion of the 1990 stallion approvals in Munster-Handorf. The competition horses sired by him are mainly successful in the dressage arena. The grand dam is the state premium mare, Gode, a full sister to the Warendorf state stallion, Gardist. This bloodline, whose roots trace to the traditional Hanoverian state of Hänigsen, also produced the 1998 Bundeschampionate winner, Roman Nature, as well as a large number of successful competition horses. The sire of the grandam, the Trakehner stallion Garamond (deriving form the interesting combination of Gabriel and Pindar xx) can be regarded as one of the most successful sires of dressage horses of this breed. Numerous intermediate and advanced level dressage horses are more than impressive statistics. The FN breeding value rating of 135 points substantiates his impressive results. His daughter, the state premium mare Gode, as well as her dam, the Hanoverian bred state premium mare Glocke, were among the top mares of the Rhineland. It is not surprising, that this highly bred top level maternal line produces such superb quality riding horses. Gazelle 75 the full-sister to the grandam Gode won over DM 6,000 in dressage competitions. Her halfbrother Felipe (by Fidelio) is the most successful dressage horse of her sire to date. The dressage horse Respekt is a full-brother of the dam Raute. Raute herself produced two offspring that have meanwhile gone to the dressage yard of the American Olympic rider Robert Dover. In the meantime, the full-brother Florestan II has also been approved and begun stud duties at the Warendorf state stud.

Florestan I was champion of the 1988 Rhineland approval and won his performance test in Warendorf the following year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PROGENY:
 Florestan I has thus far proven himself as an absolute ace of a sire. The first few crops have already produced numerous approved sons, including Fidermark, the vice-champion of the 1994 NRW approvals, who also won the "Optimum" of Westphalian Riding horses in Munster and became federal champion 4-year-old stallion. His prowess as a sire is further attested by a number of state premium mares as well as additional federal championship contestants including Farce (vicechampion 4-year-old 1994), Ferrara S, federal champion 5-year-old dressage mare 1996), Flonano, Floriano Deux etc. His exceedingly rideable progeny have created a stir with peak prices more than once, at the NRW Riding Horse Auctions in Munster-Handorf. At the 2002 Bundeschampionate, Florestan had 5 representatives including the 4-year-old stallion winner, French Kiss. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STUD MANAGERS RECOMMENDATIONS:
Here is what the head of the State Stud at Warendorf; Susanne Rimkus has to say about the stallion she affectionately calls 'our milk cow': "What makes a sire special is that he makes more good foals than bad ones and that he improves on the mare, and Florestan has a very large percentage of good foals. Of course he has some which are not, but he is a 'stamp' stallion, he stamps his foals, nearly all of them have the type of their sire, you can recognize them. Here comes a foal - 'oh Florestan!' This is something that makes it easier for a sire." " The other thing is that the Florestans are easy to handle, easy to ride, even if they don't look harmonic, the riders say they feel good. This is the most important thing for the normal market, the rider who wants to ride of an evening after he has done his work, who wants to have fun, who wants to make a good picture on the horse. Florestans are easy to sit on, and that makes success." "Florestan will also produce top sport horses. Top sport horses have to have a good character but they are allowed to be a bit more sensitive and so I think the good sport horses from Florestan will come from the mares with a lot of Thoroughbred blood. Horses that are a bit more hot, these will be the horses for the highest competitions, but Florestan has many other horses for the levels A, L and M and that makes many riders happy. He has the best chance of producing the top horses because he gets the best mares." "There are some sires who should have the same chance but they don't get it. Some people ask where are all the Florestans in the sport, like the Rubinsteins for example, but they forget that Florestan has only been in the artificial insemination program for six years. So his first foals from this are five years old now. Before that he was in natural covering and he didn't have many mares. The people should wait a few more years and they will see the Florestans on Level S -I hope so, but we can't influence that, nature will show it." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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