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    Aganix du Seigneur

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(Ogano Sitte [SBS]  x  Cadix du Seigneur Z [ZA] )
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Also known as   Aganix
Also known as   Aganix du Seigneur Z
Breed   Belgium Sport Horse (sBs)
Colour   Chestnut
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   2006
Land of Birth   Belgium
Standing Land   Belgium
Height   168 cm ~ 16.2 hands
Breeder   La Ferme du Seigneur
Breed Awards   App: A.E.S; Zangersheide
Competition Level   Showjumping International
Life Number   A40713
Family Number TB-13
Studbooks Licensed with   Anglo European Studbook
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 1150.00

ABOUT Aganix du Seigneur

The stallion Aganix du Seigneur belongs to the best showjumping horses of his age group and he shows great talent for the international sport.
Aganix was born May 2006 via ET, same as , for example, Itot du Château, Cornet Obolensky and Eurocommerce London, and from his first presentation he showed that he was a special horse.
At the Foals Championships of the AHECS in Ghlin August 2006 he was the most athletic foal in the finals. The jury gave him the top score for athletic power.

As a 2- and 3-yr-old he always showed spectacular jumping ability.

As a 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-yr-old he served just under 40 mares from which 30 live foals were born. Almost all of them are natural talents: they display power, carefulness and a positive attitude.

Aganix was trained and started his showjumping career between October 2010 to September 2012 by Michael Korompis, who considers him to be on an equal footing with another authentic super horses in the showjumping sport world wide which he also rode: Tepic La Silla.
Michael Korompis believes that Aganix is an extraordinary natural talent. Aganix always wants to learn, he is very careful and displays extreme power, all with evident ease.

Since end of 2012 he is stabled at Jos Lansink, who bought 50% of him from the person who discovered him, Luc Henry. Jos Lansink believes that Aganix will be his new Olympic horse for Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Sire Ogano Sitte jumped Grand Prix under Dominique Hendrickx and, where breeding is concerned, he has proved himself one of the best sons of the world-famous stallion Darco. Aganix’s dam Cadix du Seigneur Z (Chellano Z) has shown to be a valuable broodmare and also produced the showjumping horse Arsouille du Seigneur (Schilling) which under Robert Breul is acting at international level in the Youngster Tour.
Grandam Atlanta Sitte Z (Aramis de la Cense) is also dam of the showjumping horse Callas Sitte Z (Calvaro Z) on which Christina Liebherr featured at world top level for many years. In addition, Atlanta Sitte Z is dam, grandam, respecyively, of the international showjumping horses Riviera Sitte (Parco) ridden by Martina Meroni and Rivella Sitte (Kannan) ridden by Clint Sulmoni.

Aganix’s dam in the third remove Insel Sitte (Major de la Cour) is also grandam of his sire Ogano Sitte. This makes that we find Insel Sitte twice in Aganix’ pedigree, namely in the third remove. Insel Sitte is not just a common mare, because she is a daughter of the famous showjumping horse Gute Sitte on which Eric Wauters won team bronze at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

Gute Sitte was bred in Hanover and she descends from the celebrated Grande (Graf) out of Anisette Z xx (Zuccarello xx). And Anisette Z xx is not just a thoroughbred, either, because in her fifth remove we find the famous mare Frizette xx (Hamburg xx) from the reputable breeding of Marcel Boussac. Frizette xx owes her high status first of all to the long string of the successful racehorses produced by her offspring. In addition, we may consider the line of Frizette xx one of the world’s best showjumping lineages. This is not only due to the Olympic medal won by Gute Sitte, but Frizette xx is also dam in the fourth remove of the showjumping horse Sinjon (PurVino xx) on which George Morris won team silver at the 1960 Rome Olympics. In addition, Frizette xx is the dam in the eighth remove of the mare Taquinerie xx (Tapalque xx). In 1992 Taquinerie xx earned world fame when her products Nonix (Diableur) under Michel Robert and Quinta C (Cyrus) under Willi Melliger both started in Barcelona Olympics, where Nonix won team bronze. One year later Quinta C won the European Championships in Gijon.

In conclusion we can say that, via three different daughters, Frizette xx stands at the basis of four Olympic showjumping horses, three of which won medals. Also in bloodstock breeding Frizette xx is very influential via her great-grandson Tourbillon xx (Ksar xx). This is a stallion which is doubled in the pedigree of Gute Sitte which means that she is inbred three times to Frizette xx. The inbreeding on Gute Sitte automatically makes that Frizette xx occurs six times in the pedigree of Aganix. We can therefore confidently say that which such a concentration of jumping genes Aganix du Seigneur has everything to become a top class horse both in the sport and in breeding. 

Terms and Conditions

If the mare is not in foal on 01/10/2013, the breeder will receive back an amount of
£700.00 A veterinary statement to confirm that the mare is not in foal is to be
If the mare did not get in foal, the breeder may have his mare inseminated in the
breeding season of 2014 for an amount of £700
If the mare is found to be in foal on 01/10, and if the foal is not alive at 48 hours, the
studfee for 2014 is free of charge

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