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    Farewell III

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(Fidermark [WEST]  x  Riga [WEST] )
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Breed   Westfalian
Colour   Dark Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   2000
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   170 cm ~ 16.3 hands
Competition Level   Dressage Grand Prix/Open/Advanced
Life Number   411042100
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr7
Eventers: 2-Ev6
Studbooks Licensed with   Oldenburg, Hanover, Westphalia, Rhineland, all southern German associations, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.
Suitable for Breeding   Dressage

Stud Fee: £ 925.00

ABOUT Farewell III

As expected, our Bundeschampion of the year 2006 took the hurdle to the big time dressage ring and advanced (S) level. When Farewell III turned seven, he and Sandra Kötter won several advanced (S) level to Prix St. Georg tests. This Fidermark son, who was awarded a main premium in Oldenburg in 2004, comes from one of the best mare families in Westphalia, a family that has been producing licensed stallions, champion mares, Bundeschampionat participants, top auction horses and successful sport horses for decades. Through Rosenkavalier-Apart, the
dam is bred similarly to Rubinstein and Farewell III is inbred over the legendary Romadour II. A high degree of rideability, an outstanding walk and great moments of movement are his distinguishing characteristics as a sire. His sire Fidermark, Bundeschampion and trained to Grand Prix, is deemed the most significant representative of the Florestan line. There has never been a Bundeschampionat without spectacular horses from this line. It is already apparent that Farewell III's off-spring will be rushing off to the big dressage rings.

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Terms and Conditions

The Stud Fee excludes delivery.
For Fresh/Chilled semen we will continue to send semen until a pregnancy is achieved.
For mares who have not conceived or have reabsorbed, half of the paid stud fee from the previous year is credited, provided that a veterinary certificate is submitted by 1st December. If this document has not been submitted by this date, the credit is regrettably not possible.

For frozen semen you receive three insemination doses to achieve a pregnancy. If your mare is pregnant after one or two insemination you can keep the remaining doses. If no pregnancy results after three inseminations there is no refund due. Please see our breeding contract for full details.

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