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(Clinton [HOL]  x  Odette C [KWPN] )
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Also known as   Winton
Breed   KWPN (Dutch)
Colour   Dark Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   2 APR 2003
Land of Birth   Netherlands
Standing Land   Netherlands
Height   170 cm ~ 16.3 hands
Breeder   Stoeterij Aldenbergh, Zeeland
Competition Level   Showjumping Nations Cup
Life Number   03.01648
Family Number TB-4f
Studbooks Licensed with   KWPN
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 1100.00

ABOUT Whitaker

The darkbay Stallion Whitaker is the first son of Clinton to be approved by the KWPN. Clinton is a son of Corrado and achieved great successes with the Belgium rider Dirk Demeersman. Highlights in his show jumping career was a 4th individual rank at the 2004 Athens Olympics and a 2nd place in the 2005 Aachen Grand-Prix.

The mother of Whitaker is a daughter of the well known preferent stallion Indoctro. Via the stallion Admiraal Z the motherline continues with the beautiful mare Filly (s. Wendekreis) who has been honoured twice as the winner of the Belgium National mare championships. In addition we find a well known English thoroughbred family going back to the 17th century.

The beautiful Whitaker, jumping champion of the 2006 KWPN ability test, was praised because of his positive attitude and good character. Besides that the expressive son of
Clinton received recognition for his tremendous jumping abilities. Technique and general jumping manners were rewarded with 8.0, scope and canter were awarded with 8.5 points.


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Terms and Conditions

The Stud Fee excludes delivery. For Fresh/Chilled semen we will send up to four inseminations to obtain a pregnancy. If no pregnancy results a further stud fee less a 50% reduction is required to continue. Please see our breeding contract for full details.

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