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    Collin L

(Contender [HOL]  x  Donna Griseldo [WEST] )
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Breed   Oldenburg
Colour   Dark Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   1997
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   172 cm ~ 16.3.½ hands
Breeder   H. Ramsbrock
Competition Level   Showjumping Intermediate
Life Number   333-33-09934-9
Level of progeny   Dressage: 3-Dr7
Showjumpers: 4-Sj4
Studbooks Licensed with   Westphalia, Oldenburg
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumper

Stud Fee: £ 750.00

ABOUT Collin L

PEDIGREE: Collin Lís sire Contender is one of the most sought after hereditary transmitters of today. He is highly current for instance through the international show jumpers Controe and Montender (ridden by Marco Kutscher). His dam Donna Griseldo was a successful advanced class dressage competition horse under Klaus Balkenhol before she was applied to breeding. There is moreover a very interesting, successful blood combination with the tough, hard tried Griseldo xx, a son of the derby winner Herero xx, ridden by Hein Bollow. He produced perfectly sculpted, healthy horses many of which have become advanced class champions. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERFORMANCE: He absolved an outstanding 30 day test in the year 2000 with a final score of 8.23 points, with equally good scores in the basic gaits, receiving the highest score of all his fellow contestants, 9.5 for showjumping. In 2002 Collin L was victorious and highly placed in show jumper competitions in the elementary and intermediate classes and qualified for the Federal Championship. Then in 2003 he had show jumping successes up to intermediate A class. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROGENY: Collin L presented three overwhelming stallions at the 2003 North-Rhine Westphalian approval that caused a stir in regard to quality of type, movement and aptitude for jumping. Two of these were approved and sold. These progeny impressively confirm the evaluation of the head breeding official on the occasion of the presentation of Collinís first crop of foals, which he described as: model riding horses of the extra class, that present themselves largely with overwhelming trotting motions. The type is clearly influenced by the noble blood content in the stallionís dam-line. The uphill tendency of movement moreover sets standards.(commentary by the head breeding official) Collin L foals are traded at top prices. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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