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    Air Jordan Z

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(Argentinus [HAN]  x  Mandoline [OLD] )
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Also known as   Air Jordan
Breed   Oldenburg
Colour   Dark Brown
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   20 MAY 1996
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Belgium
Height   170 cm ~ 16.3 hands
Breeder   Risch,Erwin
Competition Level   Showjumping International
Life Number   DE 333331514696
Level of progeny   Showjumpers: 16-Sj3
Studbooks Licensed with   Zangersheide
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 1908.00

ABOUT Air Jordan Z

Air Jordan Z, this Oldenburg-bred stallion descends from the famous progenitor Argentinus (Argentan I x Duden II) who in recent years has especially become prominent as a producer of top-class showjumping horses such as World Cup winner Anka (Marcus Ehing), the Olympic jumping stallion Adlantus As (Lars Nieberg) and the successful Arko III (Nick Skelton). Argentinus was Hannover's "Hengst des Jahres" (Stallion of the year) and is today at age 25, one of the best sires in Germany. On his dam-side Air Jordan caries the blood of the well known Hanoverian Sprudelquelle-linneage. Via the stallions Matador (Matrose), Weinstern (Weingau), Cher xx (Wilwyn xx) and Einglas (Athos) the dam’s line goes back to Franziska (Frustra II x Damm). This remarkable mare from the studfarm of the Haack family forms the foundation of more than ten licensed stallions Wittelsbach, Prince Paul, Glückstag, Glückstaler I & II, including Rilke, Ragtime, Amargeddon, Realist, Egostern, Wanfried and Air Jordan Z. This Franziska family was distinguished by the Hanoverian studbook with a champion’s title at the Louis-Wiegels-Schau. This mare’s line also produced the celebrated showjumping horse progenitor Dominus (Dominant).

The performances of Air Jordan Z are, to put it mildly remarkable. At the age of 7 he was placed 11 times in the top ten of a Grand Prix. Highlights were the victory in the Desert Circuit Grand Prix – Indio, a second place in the 50 000 $ Grand Prix – Collingwood, a third place in the 75 000 $ Grand Prix – Del mar and a fifth place in the 50 000 $ World Cup Qualifier – Thunderbird, Langley.

His offspring looks strikingly the same in their conformation. This together with his own performances predict a super progenitor.

Studfarm Zangersheide has great expectations for this top-class stallion who has enough quality to start in the next Olympics in Peking.

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Terms and Conditions

£636 booking fee and £1272 live foal fee. Insemination of mares only at stud farm Zangersheide as per Zangersheide stud terms and conditions.

Choice of semen available

Only Frozen Semen,

Countries semen available for

Zangersheide, Belgium

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