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(Acorado I [HOL]  x  Contenda [HAN] )
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Breed   Hannoverian
Colour   Dark Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   5 APR 1999
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   172 cm ~ 16.3.½ hands
Breeder   Paul Müller, 26434 Wangerland
Competition Level   Showjumping Nations Cup
Life Number   331316950099
Level of progeny   Eventers: 1-Ev2
Showjumpers: 5-Sj4
Studbooks Licensed with   Oldenburg, Oldenburg-International, Hanover and practically all German Verbands.
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 1000.00


An athletic sport horse through and through. Long legs, noble looks, always elastic – an ambitious jumper stallion with a great attitude. He qualified for the Bundeschampionat as a five and six year old and took second place at the State Championships in Rastede in 2005. In 2006 as well, the Danish Nations Cup rider, Sören Pedersen, won ribbons in advanced level tests at many national as well as international competitions with this meanwhile seven year old Hanoverian and will be showing him in more international competitions in 2007.

His foals turn out well and several of them qualified for the German Foal Championships, which earned Abke the Ib main premium at the 2003 approval in Oldenburg. Two years later at the same location, his first son (out of the same dam line as the Dutch jumper-maker, Zuidhorn) was licensed. In 2006 another son was licensed in Redefin, awarded a premium and stationed at the State Stud. Abke passes on only dark colours; there are no chestnuts.

His sire, Acorado, won his performance test and participated at the Bundeschampionat before he unfortunately died at a very early age. But his off-spring still influence what goes on in Warendorf. In 2005 he presented the Vice Champion in the class for five year olds and the bronze medal winner in the class for six year olds. Through Acorado, Contender and Raphael, Abke is inbred over the legendary stallions Cor de la Bryère and Ramiro and his dam line produced the State Stud sire, Rivero II, who is highly popular, not just in Bavaria.

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For Fresh/Chilled semen we will continue to send semen until a pregnancy is achieved.
For mares who have not conceived or have reabsorbed, half of the paid stud fee from the previous year is credited, provided that a veterinary certificate is submitted by 1st December. If this document has not been submitted by this date, the credit is regrettably not possible.
Please see our breeding contract for full details.

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