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    Renkum Valentino

(Concorde [KWPN]  x  Nelocia [KWPN] )
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Also known as   Ormenus
Breed   KWPN (Dutch)
Colour   Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   6 APR 1996
Land of Birth   Netherlands
Standing Land   United Kingdom
Height   168 cm ~ 16.2 hands
Breeder   W. Oldengarm, Echten
Competition Level   Showjumping Intermediate
Life Number   96.02561
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr7
Eventers: 1-Ev7
Showjumpers: 15-Sj4
Studbooks Licensed with   AES,
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers, Dressage,

Stud Fee: £ 585.00

ABOUT Renkum Valentino

PEDIGREE: The spitting image of his famous grandsire VOLTAIRE with an extra touch of class being linebred to the legendary Marco Polo twice. His sire Concorde (Voltaire x Marco Polo) was himself the Dutch champion in jumping and won the Nordrhein Westfalen Grand Prix in Aachen with Jos Lansink. Within KWPN breeding Concorde is considered as one of the most prodigious producers of international showjumpers. Marius Claudius, Audiís Jikke, Conquest, Audiís Katja, Isabella, Holland, Larino, Grace, Garcia, Gigant are all top Grand Prix horses by Concorde who is ranked 14th in the world at present and no doubt will be in the top 5 next year! Indeed he is ranked 5th in 2003 and rising! Concorde is also leading stallion in the BSJA age group classes in the UK! Valís dam has already bred two International show jumpers and two licensed stallions. Just as the renowned international showfumper Mr Higgins [Astronaut), Valentino is bred out of the Marco Polo daughter Nelocia. What is of interest is the fact that Valentino, as well as inheriting the blood via Concorde, received the blood of the influential Trakehner stallion Marco Polo (Poet xx) for a second time via his dam. Marco Polo has produced many showjumpers. He distinguished himself through the fantastic mentality of his youngsters. Subsequently, the dam's line goes directly back to the ster mare Ibelocia, a daughter of the Trakehner Fresco (Carafan) who was only available for service for one season before dying rather young at the age of four. That jumping talent is anchored in this North-Netherlands family is confirmed by the successful international showjumpers Edelman B (Sebastiaan) under Eric van der Vleuten and Piquet (Ramiro Z) with Paul Esterman, both of which go in a direct line back to Ibelocia. The stallions Nourejev and Lorenzo also come from this lineage. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERFORMANCE: Due to the high number of mares visiting Valentino every year, he has had relatively few outings jumping himself but still won in excess of £610.- and qualified for the Blue Riband Final at the scope festival 2003 and for the Equest Final 2003. More recently he competed at La Baule (france) in the CIO-V and was placed in every class he entered. This was one of only four outings he had during 2003. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROGENY: His foals were a revelation at the inaugural British Foal Championships 2001 with a first, a second and a fourth place amongst the colt foals with an average score of nearly 8 out of 10. Last year his daughter Renkum Valanta went one better as she won the foal championship for show jumping foals!! A colt by Val was second in the colt foal class. Both scored over 80 points with 8.3 for movement, something only very few of the so called ĎDressageí foals could match! They possess athleticism, movement, quality and a lovely nature. Just like himself and they ALL jump proper!! His first crop of foals will be 4 years old in 2004. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ OWNERS RECOMMENDATIONS: Valentino is dominant brown and cannot throw chestnut, not even out of chestnut mares. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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