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    Jaguar Mail

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(Hand In Glove [TB]  x  Elvira Mail [SF] )
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Breed   Selle Francais
Colour   Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   1997
Land of Birth   France
Standing Land   France
Height   176 cm ~ 17.1.½ hands
Breeder   Haras de Brullemail
Breed Awards   app: SF, KWPN, SI, SWB, Z,
Competition Level   Showjumping Olympic/World Championships
Life Number   FEI: FRA10940
Family Number Han 770
Level of progeny   Eventers: 19-Ev1
Showjumpers: 11-Sj4
Studbooks Licensed with   Selle Francais
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers, Eventers

Stud Fee: £ 1400.00

ABOUT Jaguar Mail

PEDIGREE: His sire the thoroughbred HAND IN GLOVE had a sporting career a little out of the ordinary ; flat racing , Dressage (level St Georges) and World Cup Show Jumping CSO (7th G.P. CSIW The Oaks -$100 000). His sire BEST TURN has produced in the USA thoroughbred winners in CSIW (MVP) and CDI (Shinning Moment). TURN TO his grand father is the same to LUCKY BOY (Hollande), COUNT IVOR and RUBLOFF in France. His dam MISS BETTYis a daughter of the American crack Buckpasser a horse known for his cool and solid character. MISS BETTY has produced 4 classic winners (flat racing Gr. I & II). She is the 3/4 sister to Settlement Day, sire of the thoroughbred FRENCH BUFFET (CSI, champion of Chili), stallion in Holland. His grand dam is a daughter of DOUBLE JAY, grand father to the Olympic champion GEM TWIST. HAND IN GLOVE started breeding in France in1992 and has been accepted by 15 studbooks. He produces winners in all the different disciplines, CSO, CCE, CD and racing. He was in first place of the fathers of 4 yr olds (1st year of his offspring) in CSO in 1997.He is the sire of these international winners from his first breeding season: FRISCO MAIL CSI, FESTIVAL DE RIVER CSI, FAMOSO MAIL CCI, ICC 151, FREE STYLE CCI, ICC 151 (3rd World Champîonships for 7 yr olds) ; HAND IN GLOVE is also the sire to these other good winners in CSO, CCE et CD : Fieffe de Wy ISO 125, Fresh Wind ISO 131, Fidelio de Meigne ISO 125, Favola in Switzerland, Gypsy de Volsain ICC 136 (6th 6 yr old World Championships), Grenade ICC 120, Golden Glove ISO 125, Gloria Mail ISO 130, HOGGAR MAIL 6 yr old / champion ISO 144, Hermès du tertre ICC 121, Helianthe Joyeuse IDR 125, Hiawatha Borealis ICC 126, Hippolyte du Lyvet ISO 132, Hoggar de la Foret ICC 120, Ilos de Boisy ISO 122, Indigo du Sapin ISO 124, Isadora du Loup ICC 120, Fabuline IDR 124 (4e Championnat 5 ans), Indigo du Sapin ISO 124, Infinity ISO 124,. Father of the stallions,Grand Prix Globe (Argentine), Hand In Hand (USA) and Hoggar Mail. His dam ELVIRA MAIL, daughter of the leading stallion Laudanum, is the direct sister to the international stallions CHERGAR MAIL & FERGAR MAIL and sister to the 6 year old Champion 2001 HOGGAR MAIL; She has produced; JAGUAR MAIL (1997 db Hand In Glove xx) as above, Katchina Mail (1998 f b Calvaro), Loren Mail (1999 m ch Alligator Fontaine), Norma Mail (2001 f ch Narcos II). His grand dam ADORET Z daughter of the leading stallion Almé, hanoverien broodmare agreed as SF,has already produced several other international winners: RODANT Z (1985 f db Ramiro) 5 year old Champion Belgium and CSIO in Holland, broodmare at Zangersheide CHERGAR MAIL (1990 m b Laudanum xx) CSIO, 2nd Nations Cup in Rome, ISO: 165 ; CHAPULTEPEC LA SILLA ex FERGAR MAIL (1993 m b Laudanum xx) ISO: 135 at 5 yrs old in France, CSI in Mexique, stallion; HOGGAR MAIL (1995 m gr Hand In Glove xx) French 6 year old / Champion 2001 ISO 144. His 3rd grand dam,GOLDRET, daughter of the leading stallion Gotthard,has produced the stallion RENOMMEE Z (Ramiro) father of the international winners and stallions in the Holstein ; Valombreuse (Duc de Fercé xx) IDR 125 ; Altyn Tagh (Laudanum xx)mother of good winners in CSO. Goldret is the direct sister champion Graff ridden Harvey Smith (GB) in CSI. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERFORMANCE: Finalist at the 4 yr old Championships classed "Excellent", 11 clear rounds out of 14, ISO : 125 Finalist and placed 7th at the 5 year old Championship, classed "Elite" 15 clear rounds out of 17. ISO : 137 At 6 yrs old he was 1Oth at the French 6 year old Championships Final at Fontainbleau before a crowd of spectators left in awe after each of his rounds. Qualified for the World 6 year old Finals at the Lanaken. After 2 double clear rounds and placed 7th,he was in the 35 finalists out of 131 horses,finishing after another clear round and the jump-off, 16th. 2004 JAGUAR MAIL jumped very well and was 4th of the 7 year old championship (4 rounds in 3 days) and 2nd of the 7 year old stallions championship. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROGENY: JAGUAR MAIL has an origin and a model that has a lot of blood which makes him a very modern stallion able to produce excellent horses in all three disciplines, show Jumping, Eventing or Dressage. In his first year he is already achieving a lot of success with breeders in France and overseas. He was fully booked in 2002, breeding more than 100 mares, the maximum allowed number of mares, according to the French laws is normally 80. His semen has already been exported to Holland, Belgium and Hungary". In 2003 he bred more than 200 mares in Europe ,183 alone in France! At the French Championships of Female Foals at the Haras du Pin, the 27 September, (in his first year of production) there were 2 sumptuous fillies finishing in 4th & 5th place:Phee Des Doues & Playa D'Aunis. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ OWNERS RECOMMENDATIONS: "JAGUAR MAIL is a magnificent dark brown stallion. He comes from an exceptional international pedigree; HAND IN GLOVE XX x LAUDANUM XX x ALME sf x GOTTHARD hann. This young sport horse stallion with blood, good size and scope, beautiful gaits and with an excellent character and talent, reminds us a lot of his uncle FERGAR MAIL." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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