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    I Love You

(Almé Z [SF]  x  Elyria [SF] )
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Breed   Selle Francais
Colour   Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   1974
Land of Birth   France
Standing Land   France
Height   167 cm ~ 16.1.½ hands
Breeder   Michel Pelissier,
Breed Awards   USA Horse of the Year 1984
Competition Level   Showjumping Olympic/World Championships
Life Number   9700555
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr6
Eventers: 2-Ev2
Showjumpers: 11-Sj1
Studbooks Licensed with   Selle Francais
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 875.00

ABOUT I Love You

His father, the foundation stallion ALME, is the father of many other famous stars ; Galoubet A, Jalisco B, Joyau d'Or, Jolly Good, Lord Gordon, Athlet Z, Ahorn Z, Artos Z, Aerobic Z etc…

His dam ELYRIA, daughter of the excellent stallion NYKIO (top of the list of French stallions in the same year for CSO, CCE et CD ) is the founder of a line of horses producing Champions at every generation

ELYRIA had an excellent production giving birth to 6 stallions including the internationals I LOVE YOU and JOLLY GOOD (World record for Puissance) as well as Velcome Fontaine CSI, ISO 144, Up To Love Fontaine ISO 134 ; ELYRIA is also the grandmother of the stallions ALLIGATOR FONTAINE ( French Champion 99, ISO 190) FRASCATOR MAIL (Vice Champion of 7yr old stallions).

Finalist at 5yrs old and 2nd in the 5yr old Championships ,
Finalist at 6yrs old, 3rd in the Grand Critérium for 6yr olds,
At 7yrs old ISO 155, winner of the French Riders Championships, exported to
Winner of the World Cup 1983 in
Vienna, " Horse of the Year " and Vice Champion of the World Cup 1984 in Gotheborg under the American flag ; Winner of numerous internatonal Grand-Prix like, Washington, Toronto or Calgary.

Started breeding in
France in 1981. I LOVE YOU was exported to USA from1982 to 1987 wher he didnt breed ; back to France in 1988, I LOVE YOU is the father of numerous winners the best being Quicklove Fontaine ISO 143 HP, Quolombia finalist 6yrs old, French Riders Champion, ISO 149, Quality You finalist of 6yr olds, ISO 143, Barrios de Frely exported CSI, Bagueera Gesmeray finalist of 6yr olds, CSI, ISO 156, Belle Doudou CSIO, ISO 167, Beguin de Brecey finalist 6yr olds, exported CSI, Belladona du Loup finalist 6yr olds, ISO 139 exported CSI, Bonnie Blue finalist 6yr olds, ISO 138, Chery du Loup CSI, ISO 145, Cherry You ISO 138, Cristalline II ISO 132, Centaure de l'Etang ISO 138, HN, Cybelle du Moulin ISO 133, Diane des Bruyeres finalist 6yr olds, ISO 136, Darjeeling Bel ISO 133, Diego du Chesnay finalist 6yr olds, CSI, ISO 150 HP, Ecrin d'Helby ISO 130, Espiegle d'Helby finalist 6yr olds, ISO 131, Europa de Vauptain finalist 6yr olds, ISO 139, Esquisse de Nantuel finalist 6yr olds, ISO 130, Flirt d'Helby finalist 5yr olds, ISO 130 HN, Free Love finalist 6yr olds, ISO 130, Focade Gesmeray ISO 135, Garamante finalist 5 & 6yr olds, 3rd championship of 5yr olds, ISO 140, Gebel du Moulin finalist 6yr olds, ISO 138, Gemme de Vauptain finalist 6yr olds, ISO 130, Isaure d'Helby ISO 129 at 4yrs old ; Drege Fleurville IDR 130, Edelweiss de Bonce IDR 130, Fovea Fleurville IDR 125, Gavotte du Loup 4th championship of 5yr olds, finalist 6yr olds, ICC 138.

Father of the following stallions in France ;Quicklove Fontaine, Querido de Baussy (father of the 6 yr old Champion Belle de Baussy), Qyou de Longvaut, father of the international winners, Centaure de l'Etang, Diego du Chesnay ; In Sweden, Love ; in Germany I Need You etc…

I LOVE YOU is ranked every year in France amongst the 20 best stallions ,fathers of young horses 4, 5 & 6yr olds in the finals at Fontainebleau.

Ranked as well amongst the 200 best stallions in the world (Breeding News). Ranked 6th in the World (World Cup Points D.Reuben).


I LOVE YOU is an athletic stallion ,dark brown of an average size; He breeds particularly well with big mares with a lot of blood .. He never produces chestnuts and passes on his race and his harmony .

Terms and Conditions

The Stud Fee excludes delivery.
For the stud fee you receive three insemination doses to achieve a pregnancy. If your mare is pregnant after one or two insemination you can keep the remaining doses. If no pregnancy results after three inseminations there is no refund due.
Please see our breeding contract for full details.

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