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    World of Dreams

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(World Cup I [HAN]  x  Carola [HAN] )
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Breed   Hannoverian
Colour   Chestnut
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   1993
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   170 cm ~ 16.3 hands
Breeder   Eck, Adolf
Competition Level   Dressage European Championships
Life Number   
Family Number Leuthen
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr7
Studbooks Licensed with   Oldenburg, Hanover, Westphalia, Rhineland and all southern German associations.
Suitable for Breeding   Dressage

Stud Fee: £ 390.00

ABOUT World of Dreams

Performance records were always an important criterion when selecting stallions for Klein Roscharden. With World of Dreams we have the first dressage stallion at our station to have won up to Grand Prix Spécial. In 2007, this very sleek Hanoverian stallion who is obviously strongly influenced by his dam's sire, the legendary Thoroughbred stallion Cardinal xx, and his rider Dieter Weichert, were awarded the gold ribbon for first place in the very same test that decides the individual medals in the Olympic Games. The movement capacity of the famous Hanoverian W-line combined with the expressiveness and steeliness of Thoroughbred has created a very special sire. His sire World Cup I is also the sire of the legendary Weltmeyer. Because of his pedigree, which is free of the widely spread fashionable sires of the last 20 years, World of Dreams is a promising mate for practically any dressage mare.
In spite of his late entry in breeding (11 years old), this stallion should be of considerable interest to breeders.

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Terms and Conditions

The Stud Fee excludes delivery.
Frozen semen is sold per dose at a price of £390 per dose. You are free to purchase as many doses as you wish. We would recommend a minimum of two doses per mare. If no pregnancy results after the inseminations with frozen semen there is no refund. Please see our breeding contract for full details.

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