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    Corrado I

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(Cor de la Bryere [SF]  x  Soleil [HOL] )
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Also known as   Corrado
Breed   Holsteiner
Colour   Grey
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   21 FEB 1985
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   172 cm ~ 16.3.½ hands
Breeder   Eduard Struve
Competition Level   Showjumping Olympic/World Championships
Life Number   210046185
Family Number HOL-6879
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr6
Eventers: 2-Ev4
Showjumpers: 126-Sj1
Studbooks Licensed with   Holstein
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 2400.00

ABOUT Corrado I

Cor de la Bryere introduced that extra something, adding the flexibility and dexterity that was often required in the Holstein breed, whose traditional strengths lay in performance. He thus managed to establish a good reputation for himself in all sections of the sport as well as in breeding. The combination with the at times somewhat stiff Capitol progeny was an optimal melding of maximal ability and elasticity that frequently produced unequalled results. Maestose xx in the third generation introduced the thoroughbred blood that is so indispensable for Capitol I descendants. Although Maestose xx only had limited influence, he produced an especially valuable sire in the advanced showjumper Maracaibo. Corrado I is devoid of Ladykiller xx blood, and for that reason alone, is invaluable for upgrading the partly impoverished blood basis of Holstein mares. The dam Soleil from the same mating combination, produced the full-brother Corrado II, who was approved in 1994. The grandam Kurette presented the showjumper Lutschino (by Landego) as well as the double talented showjumper and dressage horse Fandarina (by Fantus). The damline moreover brought forth the stallion Chellano Z (by Contender), who is out of a full-sister of Corrado I and 11.

Corrado I achieved the highest jumping index of his fellow contenders at the stallion performance test with a score of 137 points, whereby he twice attained the score of 10.0 for loose jumping and jumping ability/training. Corrado I moreover received excellent scores for rideability and galloping too, twice obtaining the score of 8.0 for rideability. He furthermore had tournament successes, being victorious in showjumping competitions many times and was a finalist at the German Showjumping Championships in Munich in 1991. Corrado was initially ridden by ThieB Luther and Bo Kristoffersen and became a permanent fixture of international showjumping. In 1993 he won the Leeuwarden Grand Prix and came second m the Nation's Cup in La Baule. Then in 1994, he was winner of the World Cup qualification of Dortmund and came third in the Aix la Chapelle Nation's Cup and in 1996, Corrado 1 became World Cup champion in Aarhus (Denmark) as well as champion of the Grand Prix' of Neumunster and Kiel.

Fourteen Corrado I sons have thus far been approved. These are on active covering duty in diverse German breeding regions. Corrado I's offspring are nigh to unbeatable in showjumper classes. They are convincing time and again, frequently with sensational rounds at the federal championships in Warendorf. The approved Coriano, likewise in the services of the Holstein Association was vice-champion in Germany's riding capital in 1996. A number of offspring are already enjoying international successes. His son Cabrio/Tom HaBmann is one of the best young German new generation horses of the international showjumping sport. Eight daughters have moreover been awarded state premiums and a number of progeny were high-priced auction horses in Neumunster.

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