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Sporthorse-Data Help page


    You can search for horses using the horses name.
    The search can be narrowed by searching for horses with
    • a specific gender (male/female)
    • a specific coat color
    • a birth brith year / decade
    • a specifying a birth/standing land.

    When you search for a horse, the kennel name is considered as well.

    Kennel name: Fireline
    Dog Name: Easy Rider

    We recommand you to search for this horse with his full name,'fireline easy rider', or with 'easy rider'.
    But you can also search for this horse with "fireline *" or with "* easy *" or with "* rider".
    Please note that the asterix * is used as a placeholder.

    Our search is tuned to find similar sounding names as well.
    This can help you to find horses even will small typos in the search string.
    Of course for best results you should spell the horse names correctly.

    If you have problems spelling a name you are looking for then
    you can use placeholders:
    • The ? is a placeholder for one letter.
    • The * can be used as a placeholder for many letters.

    If you don't know the racing name of the horse then please try to search for it by tattoo number.


    If you have a mare you want to breed with, you have the possibility to search the right sire with the 'testmating' tool.

    Step one - choose your mare

    At first, you have to fill in the name of your mare. In the event of mares with the same name being in the database, you will be presented with a list of these mares, from which you can choose the one you wish.
    Please look carefully at the list, because it's important that you don't choose the last point if your horse is already in the database.
    In the eventuality of more than one mare having the same name as another mare, you can select the correct one based on either of the following:
    • dob - date of birth
    • land - IE = Ireland etc
    • color - BD (Brindled)
    • Sire/Dam combination

    Step two - select the sire

    Now you can select a sire. There are 4 possibillities to select a sire:
    • select sire by a special ancestor
    • linebreeding- select sire by a special bloodline
    • search sire by country
    • choose any male horse

    1.) Special Ancestor

    Please fill in the name of the ancestor. The database will now give you a list of all active sires of the world with this ancestor in the first five generations.
    Please choose one of them to see the pedigree of your future mating.

    2.) Linebreeding

    If you select 'linebreeding' you will get an alphabetical list of all ancestors that are in the first five generations of your dam.
    You can choose the horse to whom you want to linebreed.
    Then you get a list from all active sires of the world that have this horse in the first 5 generations.
    In the last column of the sirelist is a number, e.g. '01020'.
    Each digit stands for one generation (from left to right), and shows you how often the ancestor of the bloodline is in the pedigree of this sire.
    In this example 'your horse' is 1 times in the second and 2 times in the fourth generation of the sire.
    The sires in which the 'ancestor of the bloodline' is in the nearest generations will be at the top of the list. In the pedigree of the planned mating the horse to whom you want to linebreed is marked blue.
    If this horse is in the fifth generation of the dam or sire then you can select him but in the pedigree of the planned mating it is not marked blue, because he is in the not shown sixth generation.

    3.) Search sire by country

    Please choose the country where the sire should come from. Then you will get a list of all active sires of this country.
    Choose one of them to see the pedigree of the future mating.

    4.) Any male horse

    Please fill in the name of the sire you want to breed with and click the button.Then you'll see the pedigree of the planned mating.

    • How to store this testmating?

    • Please click on th PDF sign to store the testmating as PDF on your computer.

    • Do you miss an active sire or are there sires that should not be any longer in the table?

    • Then please contact us with the "report an error" form (at the top of the pedigree) so we can change it.
      Please write in the 'error description' field what exactly is wrong, e.g. that he is at stud in the country xx or retired or deceased (if you know, with the date).
      This information may help that other people will not set him as active again.

    • Do you have any pictures of sires?

    • It would be nice if you could add them to the database.


      This is a list of all sires that are standing at stud.
      The sires are grouped by their standing land (the country where they are living).

      The table shows you the name of the sire, his date of birth, his coat colour, his sire and his dam, and how many offspring he has.
      A click on the name of the horse will lead you to his pedigree page, the same goes for the name of the sire and the dam.
      A click on the 'number of offspring' will lead you to a page where the offspring of this sire is listed.

      You can sort the active sire list (like any other list on Greyhound-Data) by clicking on the column header.
      E.g. By default, the entries are sorted by name ascendend (starting with A).
      A click on the column header 'name' will sort it visa versa, the first name is now starting with 'Z'.
      If you click on the column header 'dob', you will see the oldest active sire at the top of the list, clicking twice will show you the youngest.
      You can sort the 'active sires' by their colour, by their sire, by their dam, by their land of standing and by their number of offspring.


      How to read a pedigree

      Horse    Grandsire (grandfather of the horse on the father's side)
      Sire (father of the horse) 
       Granddam (Grandmother of the horse on the father's side)
       Grandsire (grandfather of the horse on the mother's side)
      Dam (mother of the horse) 
       Granddam (grandmother of the horse on the mother's side)

      The pedigree shows 5 generations.
      You can scroll through the pedigree by clicking at the sire and dam.

      Breeding Theories

        This is the mating of very close relatives. Ex: Mother to son; father to daughter; brother to sister, etc. Usually used by breeding experts to 'amplify' a certain characteristic of a bloodline. This could be good, or it could be bad.
        This is the opposite of inbreeding. It involves the mating of two horses who have no relations in common. The rule of thumb applies to those ancestors within four generations. This 'fresh' blood is usually used by breeders to invigorate a bloodline.
        This method is used consistently by breeders. It involves the mating of horses that are related past the third generation. Usually grandfather to granddaughter or niece to uncle. This method is used by breeders to allow them to amplify a certain trait without the risks of inbreeding.

      Explanation of inbreeding colors

        Inbred horses are marked in bright red.
        All ancestors of these bright red horses are colored dark red.
        Bright red horses embedded among dark red ones shows that there is additional inbreeding to these horses.
        Please note that the pedigree shows five generations but six generations are considered for the inbreeding marking. So it may be that a horse is marked as inbred but only showed once on the screen.

      The Rasmussen Factor (RF)

      The Rasmussen Factor is a theory established by the famous US thoroughbred writer Leon Rasmussen. As a service to those interested in the Rasmussen Factor, we use italicized letters to mark the Rasmussen dams.

      The data of the horse

      is on the left side of the screen:
      below the horsename is the following information:
      • also known as - in case the horse has had several names, e.g. "Race One" became "Race First"
      • sport prefix - prefix that is used e.g. for competitions
      • breed - breed of the horse [see list of breeds]
      • color - the international abbreviation for the coat color [see list of color]
      • sex - in addition to the sex, important active sires are marked
      • height - the height is given in cm and hh
      • date of birth - if the last number of the birth year is unknown there is an 'X' instead
      • land of birth - country where the horse was born
      • land of standing - country where the horse lives
      • breed awards - breed awards that the horse achieved
      • competition level - discipline and level [see list of competiton levels]
      • level of progeny - number and highest level of progeny in a discipline
        E.g. 25-Dr2 38-Ev3 72-Sj1 means this horse produced 25 Dressage horses, best level European Championships. 38 Eventers, best level Nations Cup. 72 Show Jumpers, best level Olympic/World Championships
      • tattoo - the tattoo number of the horse
      • life number - life number of the horse
      • breeder - name of the breeder
      • owner - name of the owner; if he has an email address you can click on the letter sign  to write him

      You will find links to the offspring of a horse in the upper navigation bar, if you are on his pedigree page.


      To give the serious breeder some more transparency we included under each pedigree all offspring of the dam that Sporthorse-Data is aware off. These are the siblings and half siblings of the horse.

    Abbreviations of the Competition Level

      Dr7 Dressage Novice
      Dr6 Dressage Intermediate
      Dr5 Dressage Grand Prix/Open/Advanced
      Dr4 Dressage International
      Dr3 Dressage Nations Cup
      Dr2 Dressage European Championships
      Dr1 Dressage Olympic/World Championships
      Ev7 Eventing Novice
      Ev6 Eventing Intermediate
      Ev5 Eventing Grand Prix/Open/Advanced
      Ev4 Eventing International
      Ev3 Eventing Nations Cup
      Ev2 Eventing European Championships
      Ev1 Eventing Olympic/World Championships
      Sj7 Showjumping Novice
      Sj6 Showjumping Intermediate
      Sj5 Showjumping Grand Prix/Open/Advanced
      Sj4 Showjumping International
      Sj3 Showjumping Nations Cup
      Sj2 Showjumping European Championships
      Sj1 Showjumping Olympic/World Championships

    List of Horse Coat Colors

      DBDark Bay
      DBRDark Brown
      DCHDark Chestnut
      LBLight Bay
      LBRLight Brown
      LCHLight Chestnut
      RDUNRed Dun
      ROBRoan Blue
      RORRoan Red

    List of horse breeds

      ATK Akhal-Teke
      AP American Paint Horse
      AQHA American Quarter Horse (AQHA)
      ASH American Sport Horse
      US American Warmblood
      AWR American Warmblood Registry
      AND Andalusian
      PSL Andalusian Lusitano (PSL)
      AAR Anglo Arab
      AA Anglo Arabian (Pure Bred)
      AES Anglo European Studbook
      AN Anglo Normand
      AK Anglo-Kabarda
      APP Appaloosa
      ARDS Arab (Dessert Bred)
      AR Arabian
      AV Arabian (Pure Bred)
      ARD Ardennes
      ARW Argentinian Warmblood
      APH Australian Performance Horse
      AUS Australian Sport Horse
      AST Australian Stock Horse
      AUW Australian Warmblood
      AUT Austrian
      AQPS Autre Que Pure-sang (AQPS)
      BW Baden WŘrttemberg
      BAR Barb
      BAW Bavarian Warmblood
      BEBE Beberbeck
      BDH Belgian Draft Horse
      BWP Belgian Warmblood (BWP)
      SBS Belgium Sport Horse (sBs)
      BB Berlin Brandenburg
      BRAU Braunschweig
      BR Brazilian Horse Society
      BH British Hanoverian
      BHD British Horse Database (BHD)
      BRW British Warmblood
      BJ Budjonny
      CDE Caballo de Deporte Espa├▒o
      CSH Canadian Sport Horse
      CNW Canadian Warmblood
      CLB Cleveland Bay
      CL Clydesdale
      CNOR Cob Normand
      COL Coloured
      CN Connemara
      CZ Czech Warmblood
      DSP Danish Sport Pony
      DK Danish Warmblood
      DAR Dartmoor Pony
      DD Dutch Draft
      EB East Bulgarian
      EF East Friesian
      EG East German
      EP East Prussian
      EHB English Half-Blood
      ERP English Riding Pony
      FW Finnish Warmblood
      FRED Fredriksborger
      FDS French Demi-Sang SF(DS)
      FRIE Friesian
      GEPS GeldPS
      GE Gelderlander
      GESH German Sporthorse
      GI Gidran Breed
      GOTP Gotland Pony
      GRAD Graditz
      GR Groninger
      HK Hackney
      HAF Haflinger
      HB Half-Blood
      HAN Hannoverian
      HRZB Harzburg
      HERR Herrenhausen
      HES Hessen
      HS Hessischer
      HI Highland
      HOL Holsteiner
      HU Hungarian Sport Horse
      ID Irish Draught Horse
      ISH Irish Sport Horse
      IT Italian Sport Horse
      BP KWPN (Bp)
      PBP KWPN (Bp)
      DPS KWPN (DPS)
      KWPN KWPN (Dutch)
      FPS KWPN (FPS)
      GPS KWPN (GPS)
      GPSA KWPN (GPSa)
      GEKG KWPN (Gekr Gel)
      GEKO KWPN (Gekr Old)
      GRPS KWPN (GrPS)
      NPS KWPN (NPS)
      NSLT KWPN (NSLxTg)
      NSTG KWPN (NSTg)
      NWP KWPN (NWP)
      PS KWPN (PS)
      SGLD KWPN (Sgldt)
      SGRT KWPN (Sgrt)
      SPRT KWPN (Sprt)
      TG KWPN (Tg)
      UPS KWPN (UPS)
      KA Karabagh
      KF Kisber Felver
      LAT Latvian
      LI Lipizzaner
      LU Lusitano
      LX Luxembourg Stud Book
      MV Mecklenburg
      MX Mexican Sport Horse
      MO Morgan
      NRA NRPS (Dutch)
      NRPS Netherlands Pony Studbook
      NF New Forest
      NZ New Zealand Sport Horse
      NTR Non Thoroughbred Register
      NeWP Noordeuropees Warmbloed Paard
      NORM Normand
      NSD North Swedish Draught/Draft
      NFJ Norwegian Fjord Horse
      NWB Norwegian Warmblood
      NA Not Known
      OLD Oldenburg
      OLDI Oldenburg International
      PAL Palomino
      PBA Part Bred Arab
      PF Paso Fino
      PE Percheron
      POL Polish Warmblood
      POMM Pommern
      PON Pony
      POR Portuguese Sporthorse
      PRE Pura Raza Espa├▒ol
      PRG Pura Raza Gallego
      RH Rheinland
      RPS Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
      RP Riding Pony
      ROM Romanian Warmblood
      RU Russian Don
      SACH Sachsen
      SA Sachsen-Anhalt
      SDB Saddlebred
      SCTR Scandinavian Coldblooded Trotter
      SHD Schleswiger Heavy Draft
      SWST Schweres Warmblut (PZV Sachsen-Th├╝ringen
      SSH Scottish Sport Horse
      SF Selle Francais
      SENN Senner
      SHA Shagya
      SHET Shetland Pony
      SHR Shire
      SK Slovak Warmblood
      SAW South African Warmblood
      SP Spanish Purebred
      SHB Sport Horse Breeding (GB)
      SB Standard Bred
      MNM Studbook MNM Azerbaijan
      SU Suffolk Punch
      ASRP Swedish Riding Pony
      SWB Swedish Warmblood (SWB)
      NAWS Swedish Warmblood (USA)
      CH Swiss Warmblood
      TE Tersk
      THED Thedinghausen
      TB Thoroughbred
      TH Thuringen
      TRK Trakehner
      TRKP Trakehner (Polish)
      RT Trakehner (Russian)
      TR Trotter
      TRB Trotter (Belgium)
      FRAA Trotter (French American)
      FT Trotter (French)
      DT Trotter (German)
      TRD Trotter (Netherlands)
      TRN Trotter (Norfolk)
      TRO Trotter (Orlov)
      TRR Trotter (Russian)
      TRU Trotter (USA)
      UKR Ukrainian
      UNIR Unione Nazional Incremento Razze Equine
      WB Warmblood
      WMP Welsh Mountain Pony
      WPB Welsh Part Bred
      WPC Welsh Pony & Cob
      WEST Westfalian
      YC Yorkshire Coach Horse
      YU Yugoslavian
      ZP Z.f.d.Pf.
      ZA Zangersheide
      ZW Zweibrucker