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Classifieds section

Sporthorse-Data is visited by 500 to 2,000 horse friends every day.

You are welcome to use these sales pages to advertise your Horse and Pony for sale or any other horse related stuff here.

Advertise all kinds of horses and ponies for sale; Foals, Yearlings, Broodmares, Stallions, sport horses, Dressage, Eventing, Showjumping, Racing, Endurance, Driving, horses for hunting and showing, riding club and leisure activities, family friends and field companions, horses wanted, horses for loan, horses for lease or share.

Placing an advert is free. All you need is a valid Sporthorse-Data account before you can place your advert.

Your advert can include up to three photographs and a video. You can access your account at any time to edit or remove your advert. After three months your advert will automatically be removed. To keep your advert online please edit/readvertise your advert. Doing this also places your advert to the top of the list so potential buyers will see it first.